Distance Education Institute in Bangalore

Distance education institutes in Bangalore are the latest trend which has gained immense popularity over the past few years with the introduction of distance education courses. Many students opt for this mode of study as it suits their lifestyle best. With distance learning in Bangalore being primarily a correspondence course mode, one need not travel frequently to attend lectures or classes. In today’s fast paced life, this is a boon for students. It also helps them save a lot of time and money as well.

Since the inception of distance learning over twenty years ago, thousands of individuals have benefited from this innovative form of distance education in Bangalore. With the proliferation of the Internet, most students now have access to course material delivered via computer devices.

Correspondence Colleges: Worth It?

Educational advancement has led to an explosion in the demand for quality accredited distance learning courses.

The mission of the Distance Education Institute of Bangalore is to impart excellent quality and affordable education to all individuals regardless of their background, religion or financial status by offering courses in several fields both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees. These programs differ slightly from those offered in regular universities by having smaller class sizes and individual attention for every student.

Distance education in Bangalore provisions accesses to students in getting course materials allowing them to study at their own pace and can depend on the type of course taken. Some types of correspondence courses offer flexibility for scheduling based on the student’s needs.


Correspondence courses typically cost less than a traditional college and can be attended online after work or at other locations if needed.

Distance Education Courses

The courses offered by the Geetanjali Institute include a wide variety of Undergraduate and Post-Graduation courses. The institute is the best educational consultant in Bangalore that has tie-ups with recognized universities such as Singhania University.

Distance education includes are as follows:

  • Teaching Courses
  • Engineering Courses
  • Management Courses
  • Science Courses
  • IT Courses
  • Traditional Courses
  • Other Courses

Pursuing UG our PG courses at a leading distance education institute in Bangalore helps in achieving your career goals. Bangalore’s top correspondence institute offers quality education for working professionals through remote learning. The main mission is to empower every student with the knowledge and skills required for success in the global workplace. Students are given guidance in completing their coursework and submitting the same within the given time frame.

How Geetanjali Institute helps Students

The Distance Education Institute in Bangalore at Geetanjali has been established to provide top-quality UG, PG, Masters, and Diploma courses in various fields.

Our company is a pioneering institute equipped with professionally oriented distance education courses at an affordable price. The courses are chosen by a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty. We have provided education to over 50k students through our Study Center. Students are given high-quality study material (easy to understand), assignments, projects and mock tests the candidates enrolled with us.

“Distance education institutions need to embrace a holistic approach that engages the students beyond the confines of the classroom walls. In today’s context, building a Resume or Portfolio will always be important for students to get recruited for their desired jobs but making students realize the importance of learning outside the classroom is equally crucial.”

Geetanjali Institute offers distance education courses that fit your busy schedule. Get the best guidance selected from top-ranked universities for your distance education program.