B.Ed Course Colleges in Bangalore

The B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) course is a two-year program that is affiliated with and recognized by the university and the National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE). This is a regular graduate program in which the students study for a two-year full-time academic duration. The candidates should have to hold a graduate degree if they are interested in the teaching profession can apply for a B.Ed. degree programme.

B.Ed Course – A teaching profession career

One of the most important things in education is to teach students how to learn. The ability to learn new things is what drives a teaching profession to improve, but the ability to learn efficiently is more important if one pursues a B.Ed. course. The curriculum of a B.Ed. course thus covers topics like teaching strategies, lesson planning, the role of teacher and learner, making learning meaningful, and the administrative aspects of an educational system


A candidate who has passed any UG/PG degree examination from Bangalore University or any recognized university with 50% of marks in aggregate of all subjects can enroll for the B.Ed degree programme. And for SC/ST candidates a passing percentage of 45% marks in aggregate is required in all subjects.

B.Ed Course

First Semester
• Childhood & Growing up
• Education in Contemporary India
• Development and Management in School Education
• Gender, School & Society
• ICT in Education
• Language Across the Curriculum
• Communication Skills and Expository Writing
• Understanding Self, Personality & Yoga
Second Semester
• Learning & Teaching
• Assessment for Learning
• Content & Pedagogy
• ICT Applications
• Fine Arts and Theatre
• Pre Internship
Third Semester
• Content & Pedagogy
• Action Research
• Action Research Project
• School Internship
Fourth Semester
• National Concern & Education
• Creating an Inclusive School
• Knowledge & Curriculum
• Optional Course
• Post Internship (Practical Examination)
• During the pre-internship programme, students can learn following skills:
• Teaching skills
• Observation of demonstration lesson / video lesson

B.Ed Colleges in Bangalore

There are lots of B.Ed. colleges in Bangalore and you can get your B.Ed. degree from a bachelor’s program. The question is, which one? Do you go for a regular B.Ed. program or do you go for a B.Ed. program from a correspondence. This is important because if you are thinking of doing a B.Ed. course as a teaching career option, you want enroll in a recognized university/college. Having a B.Ed. degree from reputed college gives you a vast amount of value in what you choose to do, and you can use the knowledge that you have learned while pursuing the B.Ed. to enhance your career.

Career Scope

The B.Ed course in Bangalore is designed to educate students who want to pursue a career in teaching. The course is an ever-lasting rewarding career delivered by the college authorities. It is ideally suited for those who aspire to teach in government-aided schools and colleges or even private institutions, educational departments, etc. The course is also good preparation for those who wish to pursue additional professional education in rural education and teacher training.
Bangalore is the hub of many reputed institutions and you can also pursue M.Ed Masters of Education) from a prestigious university after the B.Ed course that gives extra mileage in your career.
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