M.B.A. in Marketing Management


A (MBA) program in Marketing Management provides students with theoretical and practical training to develop the [...]

M.B.A. in Marketing Management2020-01-25T13:14:38+05:30

M.B.A. in HR and Marketing Management


MBA with specialization in Human Resources Marketing Financial & Accounting Operations Management. MBA with specialization in [...]

M.B.A. in HR and Marketing Management2018-08-28T16:18:03+05:30

M.B.A. in Hotel Management


This graduate MBA in Hospitality or hotel Management prepares the students for advancing their career into [...]

M.B.A. in Hotel Management2018-08-28T16:13:45+05:30

M.B.A. in Finance


M.B.A. in Finance is the specialization in finance can prove to be invaluable. It is a [...]

M.B.A. in Finance2018-08-28T16:08:26+05:30
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