MBA in Banking

MBA in Banking from Singhania University


4 Year

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MBA in Banking


Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBAB101 Theory Accounting for Business Decision 6
MBAB102 Theory Basic of Marketing 6
MBAB103 Theory Business Research Methods 6
MBAB104 Theory Economics Analysis for Business Decisions 6
MBAB105 Theory Legal Aspects of Business 6
MBAB106 Theory Organisational Behaviour 6
Semester 2
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBAB201 Theory Decision Science 6
MBAB202 Theory Financial Management 6
MBAB203 Theory Human Resourse Management 6
MBAB204 Theory Marketing Management 6
MBAB205 Theory Management Information System 6
MBAB206 Theory Operation and Supply Chain Management 6
Semester 3
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBAB301 Theory Strategic Management 6
MBAB302 Theory Enterprise Performance Management 6
MBAB303 Theory Startup and New Venture Management 6
MBAB304 Theory International Banking Management (Specialization Paper 1) 6
MBAB305 Theory Bank Regulation & Complaints (Specialization Paper 2) 6
MBAB306 Theory Risk & Treasury Management (Specialization Paper 3) 6
Semester 4
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBAB401 Theory Managing for Sustainability 6
MBAB402 Theory Entrepreneuriship Development 6
MBAB403 Theory Event Management 6
MBAB404 Theory Corporate Finance Management (Specialization Paper 1) 6
MBAB405 Theory Retail Finance Management –[Housing, Vehicles, Consumers Personal Loans ] (Specialization Paper2) 6
MBAB406 Theory Advance Technology In Banking –[ATM, Internet Banking] (Or) Banking Related Laws & Practices. (Specialization Paper 3) 6


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