MBA in Event Management

MBA in Event Management from Singhania University


4 Semester

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MBA in Event Management


Semester 1
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBE101 Theory Principles & Practices of Event Management 6
MBE102 Theory Organizational Behaviour 6
MBE103 Theory Accounting for Management 6
MBE104 Theory Quantitative Techniques 6
MBE105 Theory Managerial Economics 6
MBE106 Theory Corporate Communications 6
MBE107 Theory Computers Application for Event Industry 6
MBE108 Theory Viva-voce 6
Semester 2
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBE201 Theory Business Environment 6
MBE202 Theory Events Production & Operations Management 6
MBE203 Theory Human Resource Management 6
MBE204 Theory Marketing Management 6
MBE205 Theory Financial Management 6
MBA206 Theory Workshop on Research Methodology 6
MBE207 Theory Workshop on Information Technology 6
MBE208 Theory Viva-Voce 6
Semester 3
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBE301 Theory Buisness Research 6
MBE302 Theory Corporate Legal Environment and Licences 6
MBE303 Theory Event Concept & Designing 6
MBE304 Theory Event Logistics 6
MBE305 Theory Handling Of Media & PR & brand management 6
MBE306 Theory Management Information Systems 6
MBE307 Theory Presentations – Event Industry 6
MBE308 Theory Viva-Voce 6
Semester 4
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
MBE401 Theory Strategic Management 6
MBE402 Theory Management of International Business 6
MBE403 Theory Event safety and Security 6
MBE404 Theory Special Events 6
MBE405 Theory Organization Of Events, Values & Ethics Of Event Industry 6
MBE406 Theory Final Research Project 6
MBE407 Theory Viva-Voce 6


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