Bachelor of Educaton (B.Ed)

Bachelor of Educaton (B.Ed) from Singhania University


2 Year

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Bachelor of Educaton (B.Ed)


Year 1
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
BED101 Theory Childhood and Growing up 6
BED102 Theory Contemporary Indian Education Gender & Society 6
BED103 Theory Learning and Teaching 6
BED104 Theory Assessment and Evaluation For Learning 6
BED105 Theory Advanced Pedagogy And Application of ICT 6
BED106 Theory English 6
BED107 Theory 1)History 2) Geography 3) General Science  4)Mathematics  (Choose any one) 6
Year 2
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
BED201 Theory Quality and Management of School Education 6
BED202 Theory Knowledge and Curriculum Language Across Curriculum 6
BED203 Theory School and Inclusive School 6
BED204 Theory Education for Human Rights and peace Education 6
BED205 Theory Education for sustainable Development and Environment 6
BED206 Theory 1)History 2) Geography 3) General Science  4)Mathematics  (Choose any one) 6

The B.Ed in General course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to become a successful educator.
The course covers the different aspects of essential theories of education and pedagogy, as well as the latest methods and approaches toward innovative teaching insights. It also provides an opportunity for a well-rounded practical experience in the classroom.



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B.Ed Course Description

The Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in General is an undergraduate program for those who have an interest in teaching in schools, colleges, etc. The program emphasizes developing teaching skills and knowledge of educational theories and practices.