Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce from Singhania University


3 Year

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Bachelor of Commerce


Year 1
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
B.COM101 Theory English 6
B.COM102 Theory Financial Accounting 6
B.COM103 Theory Business Economics 6
B.COM104 Theory Business Mathematics 6
B.COM105 Theory Organizational Skill Development 6
B.COM106 Theory Fundamental of Banking 6
B.COM107 Theory Fundamental of Marketing 6
Year 2
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
B.COM201 Theory Business Communication 6
B.COM202 Theory Corporate Accounting 6
B.COM203 Theory Business Management 6
B.COM204 Theory Elements of Company Law 6
B.COM205 Theory Business Administration 6
B.COM206 Theory Business Entrepreneurship 6
Year 3
Subject Code Subject Type Subject Name Credits
B.COM301 Theory Business Regulatory Framework (Mercantile Law) 6
B.COM302 Theory Advanced Accounting 6
B.COM303 Theory Indian & Global Economic Development 6
B.COM304 Theory Auditing 6
B.COM305 Theory Taxation 6
B.COM306 Theory Consumer Protection & Business Ethics 6


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